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Bovada Poker
Biggest bonuses in online poker. Full tables, free cash and easy play. They take USA players too. Play here...

32 Red Poker
A download or instant play poker options available. Get $1,000 free with deposit and 30% rakeback. You won't find a better deal. Play here...

Cool Hand Poker
An exciting online poker site that offers unique games, $500 free and 30% rakeback. Full tables give you 24/7 action. Play here...

Intertops Poker
Can't go wrong with Intertops, big bonuses, full tables. Access to everything. Play here...


rouletteRoulette is a game of elegance and prestige. Its mystery and charm attract both professional players and beginners. And the fact that roulette is a game of luck makes high rollers its players, too. Though their number is quite small in percentage terms, it adds a certain zest to betting, evoking the image of beautifully dressed men and women. The noble game of roulette is incredibly simple. Players exchange money for chips and choose a number and color or its combination to bet at. Then the ball gets spinning around the wheel and determines the winner. The dealer pays out the winning bets and clears off the losing ones. It's essential for players to follow the etiquette and don't touch betting chips after the dealer announces a winning number. But if you play online, just follow the spinning ball and have a good time and big winnings.


From the very beginning, the French nobility loved this game of chance. As it was spreading from country to country, the aristocratic milieu around the world felt its magic. No wonder, baccarat distinct tables are separated from the main gambling floor in land-based casinos and concealed behind heavy velvet curtains. In reputed casinos there is even a special dress control. For men tuxedos are required, and women wear gowns. This royal game is easy to play and promises lots of fun and entertainment. Players become quite competent after learning its rules. There are six or eight card decks and three dealers at a table. Every dealer has certain responsibility: the first tells each hand's total, the second pays attention to wins and losses and the third is in charge of commissions. Fourteen players can bet at a baccarat table, but the maximum number is 15. The thing is all the gamblers are very superstitious, that's why number 13 is omitted. Though the game doesn't require much knowledge and experience, applying strategies will give players a great advantage. And if high rollers take into account that baccarat has a rather low house edge, with good strategies it's likely to get even lower. That's why once players become skillful it's tempting to bet big and as a result win big.


Poker is a special game where each and every player feels valued. World-known casinos roll out the red carpet and give you real royal treatment. Players get spoiled by VIP services and indulge in thrilling gambling. Online casinos for high rollers are and with the first class graphics and sounds it's easy to dive into the atmosphere of elite gambling. Experienced players enjoy poker, its challenge and risk. To win at poker, players need more than a kiss from lady luck. Experience, skills and knowledge is required. Another important criteria is self-control. Players must be poker-faced and hide their emotions. Nevertheless poker guarantees high payouts of adrenaline and excitement!


Craps has its own style and is known as the game of action, play roulette promising fast-paced excitement. Casinos provide no high limit rooms in craps, but minimum bet limits can be set. Unfortunately, craps is losing its popularity nowadays, and some high roller casinos don't offer this English online casino game any longer.

USA Players Please Note:

Unfortunately, there are only a few online poker sites that accept USA poker players. These are the ones we recommend:

BoDog Poker | Intertops Poker

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